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11.5 million documents in the Panama Papers Corruption

For many years now the IRS has been creating new programs to insure Americans pay taxes on all offshore investments. Here are just a few; the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Offshore Voluntary Disclosure and Streamlined Compliance Programs.

To date, 11.5 million documents  have been revealing offshore bank accounts and tax havens of innocent investors who did not cheat anyone have also been caught in the corruption trap of anonymous Panamanian corporations that are no longer anonymous.

…the IRS urged people who may have used a Panamanian shell company to avoid taxes to make use of the service’s Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. While the program does involve some penalties, such as payment of back taxes owed, they’re not as severe than if the IRS finds a tax cheat themselves.  – Read this full article

As a United States tax attorney in private practice for 41 years, Richard S. Lehman immediatly assembled a highly-qualified and experienced team to help those affected by the Panama Papers Corruption Scandal.

“This is a strong team that will help you regardless of your situation,” adds Lehman. “We want to help those who are facing financial ruin and worse. With our depth and breadth of experience with corruption cases and criminal and tax law, we are an asset to anyone dealing with the Panama Papers corruption scandal.”

If you are concerned about the Panama Papers, contact Richard Lehman United States Tax Attorney

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