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Tax Refunds from Ponzi
Scheme Losses

Updated for new Trump Tax plan. Individuals who have had losses from financial thefts and other theft losses in 2015, 16 and 17 will need to be careful to take advantage of any tax loss carrybacks that still may be available to these taxpayers.

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United States Taxation
of Foreign Investors
Us Tax Foreign

The major new tax issue for foreign investors in the US is how the Trump Tax bill affected tax rates for nonresident individuals and foreign corporations. These tax rates have been greatly reduced and present a very favorable new tax regime.

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Pre Immigration
Income Tax Planning
Pre Inmigration

The new Trump Tax Bill has to some extent become a tax haven for the wealthy immigrating individuals.

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Foreign Investors in
U.S. Real Estate
Real Estate

The Foreign Investor and unusually low tax rates since the Trump Tax Cut. Advice for large, medium size and the smaller foreign investors.

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If You Have Been Affected By COVID-19 Virus

When it comes to taxes, COVID-19 (“COVID” or the “virus”) giveth and taketh away. There is no question that trillions of dollars have been lost and Americans and the United States has suffered on the human side and the financial side.


The almost instantaneous clever solution funded by the Treasury, was to reverse the existing law that had been instituted by the new Trump Tax Bill of 2018. ...Read More

The Cares Act §2303 Internal Revenue Code (“I.R.C.”)

Florida Tax Lawyer

Deal with U.S. Tax Laws with Confidence

For more than 45 years, Florida tax lawyer Richard Lehman has been advising and representing clients on U.S. tax matters with precision, diligence, knowledge and skill. A graduate of Georgetown Law School who additionally holds a Master’s degree in tax law from New York University, Mr. Lehman has served as a Tax Court Law Clerk, an IRS Senior Attorney, and a partner in one of the largest law firms in the country. He is the author of numerous manuscripts and publications for the government of the state of Florida and the general public. In private practice, he has cultivated a diverse base of clients both domestically and internationally, covering a wide range of commercial activity. When you hire Lehman Tax Law, you retain the services of a highly-qualified, leading authority on U.S. tax law.

Skilled Representation Across the Spectrum of Tax Matters

The legal landscape of U.S. tax law is dynamic and complex; navigating through this system requires a deep background of knowledge, a sharp mind and a commitment to staying informed and on top of the ever-changing environment surrounding the Internal Revenue Code, federal court decisions, Revenue Rulings and other agency interpretations, and more. Clients of Lehman Tax Law benefit from the guidance of a veteran Florida tax law expert who is intimately familiar with any individual or corporate tax matter, foreign or domestic.

Lehman Tax Law is here to help you with any tax law question or dispute, including:

Income and estate tax rules and penalties – Failure to file an income tax return, failure to pay income tax, and late filing or payment of an estate tax return can cost the taxpayer or estate thousands of dollars. Lehman Tax Law is here to see that you understand applicable tax rules and help you avoid the harshest penalties.

Accounting methods – A crucial step in business and taxation involves choosing the right method of accounting and sticking to it. Lehman Tax Law can advise you on cash accounting and accrual accounting, including what method you may be required to use, what method you could benefit from, and how to get approval to switch methods when most beneficial.

Capital gains and losses / Carrybacks and carryovers – Investment losses are no fun, but they can be used to offset the taxes you pay on gains, not just this year but forward and backward as well. Lehman Tax Law can assist you regarding tax-loss harvesting and making sure your actions are acceptable in the eyes of the IRS.

Casualty, theft and other financial losses – Casualty and theft losses can lower your taxes and help take the sting out of a loss caused by a natural disaster, storm or other event. Make the most of this deduction by filing a timely claim for insurance reimbursement, and contact Lehman Tax Law with any issues you encounter.

Claim of right doctrine – The IRS allows a credit when you are forced to return property in one year that you paid taxes on in a previous year. Strict rules apply. Lehman Tax Law can advise you on whether you qualify for the section 1341 credit and build a strong case, so the government recognizes your entitlement to avail yourself of this benefit.

Compromise of tax liability cases – When the IRS says you owe a tax liability, it is sometimes possible to settle with them for an amount less than they say you owe. Lehman Tax Law can advise you on whether you qualify for an offer in compromise and take on the task of securing a favorable resolution of your tax liability.

Taxation of corporations, partnerships and trust entities – Every state regulates business entities differently, but they all provide for organization as a corporation or partnership. How you form your business has lasting implications for how the entity and its owners are taxed. Lehman Tax Law can guide you through the options available and make sure your enterprise is being taxed in a way that makes the most sense, given your overall business needs and goals.

Tax crimes – Lehman Tax Law provides skilled representation and effective advocacy in defense of a myriad of tax crime charges, including tax evasion, failure to file, failure to collect or pay over tax, fraudulent withholding, fraudulent returns, false statements and more. Avoid the most serious consequences of tax crime charges by retaining a qualified and experienced tax crimes attorney.

Real property taxation – As property values rise, even low property tax rates amount to a significant tax bill. Lehman Tax Law can help you challenge an assessment that involved a mistake in the description of the property, the calculation of tax, or some other error.

Reorganizations – Mergers, acquisitions, recapitalizations, changes in corporate form and other transactions could be taxable events, or they could be tax-free. The question turns on how the transaction is conducted. Lehman Tax Law can help you understand the tax implications of your move and guide you toward making the most of your reorganization.

Lehman Law Is Here for Your Tax Law Needs

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Lehman Tax Law serves clients throughout the United States and internationally as well. Call 561-368-1113 for a complimentary consultation, and find out how our Florida tax lawyer can help you resolve your vital and pressing tax law matter.

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At Lehman Tax Law, you’ll get a tax law expert who stays on top of the laws, court decisions, and agency rulings that could impact your case. You’ll find Richard S. Lehman to be a tireless advocate for you in dealing with the IRS while providing you with timely and accurate guidance. See what clients of Lehman Tax Law have to say about their experience working with us.

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“I highly recommend these experts, who remember about your case long before the next due date and also are the best possible intermediaries in the efforts to bring an agreement or reconciliation with government authorities. If some other problem aries, I would not hesitate to rely on Mr. Lehman and his team regarding the resolution of any future case.”

— Y. Polozov

“I couldn't praise Mr Lehman more highly. For many months, he worked tirelessly on my case. Whatever was needed, he did it. I was sincerely impressed that he was never perturbed by the antics of the IRS. He hust kept until he won! Personally, Richard was kind, considerate, and often made me laugh. He made something that could have been awful into pleasure. Thank you.”

— Jude M.

“We are a CPA firm handling international and domestic tax issues for our clients. We needed an attorney to work with who could provide practical and timely tax legal advice on tax matters, solutions with domestic and international expertise. Richard and his team always provided timely and accurate guidance for our clients and joint projects. Highly recommended.”

— Victor Lerro
Meet Richard S. Lehman, Esq. Attorney at Law When it comes to navigating the complex and highly technical area of U.S. tax law, choose an attorney with a strong background in the field.

Richard S. Lehman, Esq., a graduate of Georgetown Law School and obtained his Master’s degree in taxation from New York University. He has served as a law clerk to the Honorable William M. Fay, U.S. Tax Court and as Senior Attorney of the Interpretative Division in the Chief Counsel’s Office of the Internal Revenue Service in Washington D.C., the IRS’s internal law firm. Mr. Lehman has been practicing in South Florida for nearly 45 years. During his career his tax practice has caused him to be involved in an extremely wide array of commercial transactions involving an international and domestic client base.

Richard S. Lehman has established a sophisticated private practice focusing on tax law. His background, education, and experience has distinguished him in this complex field.

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