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Today’s tax and financial planning landscape is a complex one, undergoing constant change.

If businesses and individuals expect to make the proper moves, keep abreast of changing legislation, and make sure that they legally pay the least amount of taxes, they must rely on tax attorneys. Richard S. Lehman, Esq. has been meeting these needs when it comes to dealing with the federal tax law for more than four decades.

Mr. Lehman has a broad network of contacts in the legal profession on every continent.

Regardless, of the issue, he has consistently guided clients through the legal maze with sophisticated tax strategies that assist a wide range of clients including:

  • Those with complex tax dilemmas, both domestic and foreign
  • Foreigners investing in and immigrating to the United States
  • United States citizens and corporations investing in foreign countries
  • Families with complicated estate tax situations
  • Ponzi scheme victims seeking tax relief
  • Structure the most sophisticated income tax and estate tax plans…
  • And defend clients before the Internal Revenue Service.

This firm regularly works with law firms, accountants, businesses and individuals struggling to find their way through the complexities of the tax law. In short, the firm is a valuable resource to each of these audiences.

Regardless of the issue, the firm has consistently guided clients on topics ranging from complex tax scenarios in real estate, business acquisitions and sales, securities offerings, tax contests, probate litigation and numerous other areas of commerce.

As a sole practitioner, Mr. Lehman assures each client of his personal attention at all times.

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