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Pre Trump Tax Law

Welcome To The Lehman Tax Law Library.

I’ve been practicing law for 50 years now and I’ve been lucky enough for the last 10 years to be specialized in a few different areas of United States tax law. I’ve made videos on these specialties starting several years ago and all of these videos are in a “Pre-Trump Tax Archive” because people are going to still be needing to go back to the pre-Trump tax law on cases that they are working on today.

A few months ago. I decided to update all of the videos to focus on the changes made by the NEW Trump “2017 Jobs Act and Tax Cut” tax bill. Each one of these new videos has a short article that goes with it. That will point out to you the highlights of the new videos. Though there are not a lot of changes the changes are dramatic and will make a difference on many levels. And hopefully, it’s a tax bill that is for the best. We’ll have to wait and see and exactly how all of this plays out and I hope these videos will be helpful to you.

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