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Handling Offshore Voluntary Disclosure and IRS Streamlined Cases

How do I request pre clearance before I submit any offshore voluntary disclosure to the IRS?

For the OVDP, pre clearance may be requested as follows:

1. Taxpayers or representatives send a facsimile to the IRS – Criminal Investigation Lead Development Center (LDC) with:

(a) Identifying information (name, date of birth, social security number and address) and
(b) An executed power of attorney (if represented)

At (267) 941.1115 to request pre clearance before making an offshore voluntary disclosure. In the case of jointly filed returns, if each spouse intends to apply for OVDP, each spouse should request pre clearance.

Will my voluntary disclosure be subject to an future IRS examination?

Normally, no examination will be conducted with respect to an offshore voluntary disclosure made under this initiative, although the Service reserves the right to conduct an examination. The normal process is to assign the voluntary disclosure to an examiner’s to certify the accuracy and completeness of the voluntary disclosure.

Value can be lost without good professional advice.

The purpose for the voluntary disclosure practice is to provide a way for taxpayers who did not report taxable income in the past to come forward voluntarily and resolve their tax matters. Contact Richard S. Lehman Esq. Today.

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