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Ponzi Scheme Lawyer

At its core, a Ponzi scheme is a type of fraud. However, the nature of the offense, investigative authorities, forms of evidence, and penalties for a conviction make these cases extremely complicated. You could be charged for a Ponzi crime if you organize a scheme to take funds from others purportedly for investment, but then divert them toward financial gain for yourself. Every act in the series that forms the scheme could count as a separate crime, so you may face substantial fines, jail time, and other punishment.

If you are being investigated or were recently arrested on Ponzi scheme charges, time is of the essence to consult with our team at Lehman Tax Law. Our attorneys are well-versed in the relevant laws, backed by years of experience defending clients. We can explain defense options after reviewing your circumstances, so please contact our firm to schedule a no-cost consultation with a Ponzi scheme lawyer today. An overview may also be informative.

How Ponzi Schemes Work

The US Criminal code covers Ponzi crimes in a section on mail fraud and other fraud schemes. Organizers could face charges for engaging in a scheme or obtaining money by making fraudulent statements or false representations that promise investment potential. Typically, the plan involves collecting funds in exchange for membership in an investment group, ensuring high return and minimal risk. The arrangement becomes an illegal Ponzi scheme when the organizers divert the funds to themselves or other core members.

You could face harsh punishment if convicted for running a Ponzi operation, including a long prison term, fines, restitution to pay back those you defrauded. As such, it is important to fight the charges starting from the day you are arrested. The government must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which can be difficult considering the complex nature of the evidence. Plus, there are multiple defense strategies for protecting your rights.

Take Action if Accused of a Ponzi Scheme

Officials will typically employ clandestine measures in their attempt to gather enough evidence to form probable cause for an arrest. Often, they retain the services of forensic and computer specialists to convince a grand jury to hand down an indictment. As a result, it is important to take action to protect your rights:

  • Contact a skilled Ponzi scheme defense lawyer as soon as you become aware of an investigation into your interests.
  • After you were arrested, exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Do not make any statements, as your words may incriminate you.
  • Do not answer any questions if interrogated by investigators, even to profess your innocence. 

Reach Out to Ponzi Scheme Attorney Regarding Your Defense Options

To learn more about our defense services in Ponzi scheme cases, please contact Lehman Tax Law right away. Your chances of obtaining the best possible result improve by getting our team involved as early on in the criminal process as possible. You can set up your free consultation with Richard S. Lehman by calling our office at 561-368-1113 or visiting our website.

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