PODCAST: Richard S. Lehman discussing Claw-Backs at recent Stafford webinar

PODCAST Now Available 110-minute webinar with Q&A This event was recorded live with Stafford Publishing on Thursday, November 10, 2016 “Section 1341 “Claim of Right” Refunds: Calculating Tax Benefits, Avoiding Double Taxation on Repayments and Claw-Backs” Overview: The June 2016 tax court

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Ponzi Scheme Theft Losses And Clawbacks

Trusts, Estates And The Rights Of Individual Beneficiaries

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Pre Immigration Income Tax Planning by Richard S. Lehman

This presentation has recently been updated. This pre-recorded presentation is from a recent Stafford live event Part One; Pre-Immigration Tax and U.S. Investment Planning for Hight Net Worth Individuals. Part Two of this presentation includes; Navigating the EB-5 Investors Visa Program, Leveraging Tax Credits and Avoiding

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PODCAST: Pre-Immigration Income Tax Planning & The EB-5 program

Navigating the EB-5 Investor’s Visa Program, Leveraging Tax Credits and Avoiding Tax Traps This is a recording of a 90-minute webinar with Q&A Podcast OUTLINE Residency and tax consequences Pre-immigration planning goals Avoiding anti-deferral rules Minimizing transfer tax impact EB-5

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IC-DISC Tax Law Challenges: Structuring and Planning Techniques to Maximize Federal Tax Savings

IC-DISC a tax saving tool

A live 90-minute CLE/CPE webinar with interactive Q&A presented by Stafford Tuesday, May 17, 2016 (Tomorrow) 1:00 pm-2:30 pm EDT, 10:00am-11:30am PDT This webinar is eligible for at least 1.5 general CLE credits. Presentation Description Recent U.S. tax law makes

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A Guide to Florida International Business and Investment Opportunities

In 1978 Richard S. Lehman was the Editor and Contributing Author of “A Guide to Florida International Business and Investment Opportunities,” an informative, 219 page guide to foreign business persons published by the Florida Department of Commerce, published in English,

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11.5 million documents in the Panama Papers Corruption

To date, 11.5 million documents have been revealing offshore bank accounts and tax havens of innocent investors who did not cheat anyone have also been caught in the corruption trap of anonymous Panamanian corporations that are no longer anonymous.

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Pre-Immigration and EB-5 Investor Visa 90-minute webinar

The panel will discuss strategies for minimizing the U.S. tax impact of foreign-source ordinary and capital income prior to establishing tax residency in the U.S., and will also detail the EB-5 program for nonresidents seeking to establish permanent residency through investment in the U.S. economy and the tax issues that can arise from participating in a regional center.

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Tax Planning Techniques for the Foreign Real Estate Investor
 – Advanced

By Richard S. Lehman SEMINAR OUTLINE I.    Principle Objectives A.    Limited Personal and Asset Liability B.    Single U.S. Tax C.    Avoid Double Taxation – U.S. and Country of Investor D.    Confidentiality E.    Tax Planning (1)    Eliminate U.S. Taxation of Real

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Videos Explaining United States Taxation

Tax Lawyer Richard S. Lehman, Esq., Offers Tax Webinars and Training on Relevant Tax Issues Please note: once you pick your presentation you will be taken to USTaxLawSeminars.com website (a Richard S. Lehman website) to view and download materials. U.S.

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