The Trump Tax Bill And United States Real Estate

The Foreign Investor & Unusually Low Tax Rates

Not only has the after tax income of real estate investments gone up for the foreign investor, the investment structure has become more simple.

This article will focus on;

(1) alternative investment structures that will be helpful to the larger investors, the medium size investors and the smaller investors;

(2) the simplicity;

(3) plus the extraordinary tools available to the foreign investor that can reduce the foreign investor’s tax burden to an even lower rate than those enjoyed by the American taxpayer.

The Trump Tax Bill not only reduces the tax rate of real estate profits, it decreased the amount of income that will be taxed annually in the early years by decreasing the time in which deductions could be taken in calculating taxable income.

Currently Richard S. Lehman is finalizing this new article on the Trump Tax Bill; Advice For Large, Medium Size And The Smaller Foreign Investors

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